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Our hearts are broken from the senseless and horrific acts of terrorism all over Paris yesterday.


A big thank you to all the Politicas who attended our VR Training with You Can Vote this last Sunday, 11.8, at the Cameron Village library.  Cheers for the 11 Politica members who attended!  An additional 20+ folks were directed our way by some of our partnering organizations and joined these Politicas.    More exciting VR workshops to come!

In the News

Many of you have heard about Democracy NC’s effort to get law enforcement to take a closer look at possible political corruption involving the sweepstakes gaming industry.  Democracy NC first filed a complaint about highly questionable campaign contributions by donors connected to the sweepstakes cafe industry in 2013.  Their research detailed irregularities in contributions by sweepstakes software company owner Chase Burns and his wife to candidates including Governor Pat McCrory, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, and then-House Speaker Thom Tillis during the 2012 election cycle.  

After two years of investigation, the State Board of Elections determined in July 2015 that there were no violations of campaign laws.  Following that ruling Democracy NC began pushing enforcement agencies (including the Wake County District Attorney’s office) to continue looking into the original complaint.   On 11.10, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman announced that she has asked the State Bureau of Investigation to help her office take a second look at Democracy NC’s complaint.  We appreciate their tenacity in pursuing this corruption matter.  Source:  Democracy NC

The raises that many of the UNC system chancellors were given by the Board of Governors this week are offensive on so many levels.  There is really no way to spin this action especially not when so many faculty and staff have received either no increase in pay or a minimal one.  For full details on the unseemly reality, check out the articles below:




Read to Learn

“The budget passed by the GA this year not only spends less as a share of the state’s economy than the year before, it marks the seventh year in a row that spending declined as a share of personal income.

That may sound a little wonky but it means that state lawmakers and Gov. McCrory have decided not to invest enough in education, health care, and other vital services to keep up with the state’s growth.”

Intrigued?  Read the rest of this illuminating article by Chris Fitzsimmons at the link below:


Looking for inspiration?  Reese Witherspoon narrates her fight against sexism in the film industry when she spoke at the Women of the Year awards.


Want to reduce domestic violence? Then expand Medicaid!   So says Tara Romano in this article in Monday’s NC Policy Watch.   We appreciate your commitment to make policy changes, Tara.  This is the link: http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/2015/11/09/want-to-reduce-domestic-violence-then-expand-medicaid/


Democracy North Carolina is now hiring for a number of permanent and temporary full time positions. They are looking to us to help finding talented, passionate people to fill these roles as soon as possible so we can be ready for 2016!  See brief descriptions below and learn more about all of their open positions at their web site


Suffragette – Have you seen it yet? 15 Politicas watched at the Rialto Wednesday night. This is hard subject matter to watch. I wish more women understood what was sacrificed to get the vote and what we gained by having it. We take a lot for granted in 2015. (Naomi)

November 15th 2pm – Click below to sign up for the inaugural meeting of Cary Mom’s Demand Action, a gun control group:


Tuesday, November 17, NC Policy Watch at noon The problem of race-based policing: Can we finally overcome it?  Featuring Professor Frank Baumgartner of UNC Chapel Hill, Orange and Chatham County Public Defender James Williams and Fayetteville Police Chief Harold Medlock

Where: Center for Community Leadership Training Room at the Junior League of Raleigh Building, 711 Hillsborough St. (At the corner of Hillsborough and St. Mary’s streets)

Space is limited – pre-registration required.

Cost: $10, admission includes a box lunch. Click here to register.

Tuesday, the 24th of November – In all their wisdom, or sneakiness, depending on your point of view, the Wake County Board of Elections has decided to discuss Early Voting (EV) sites for the primary election at 3:00pm, Tuesday, the 24th of November. Yep, one of the busiest travel times of the year! Do they not want any citizens there making their opinions known?  As you can imagine, we want as many sites as possible.  Join us that afternoon to share public comments or simply let them know we’re watching.  Please let me know if you think you can attend.  

PLEASE CONSIDER – looking for our beautiful purple banner. Whoever you are, you have full immunity from dagger eyes and harrumphs.  Thanks for taking the time to check your trunk and elsewhere.

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