“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”  Estee Lauder

North Carolina

Success!!  Chavis was preserved as a designated site for Early Voting and Sunday EV hours were approved!!  There was a call to progressives in our area to attend the Wake County Board of Elections meeting held on Tuesday, November 24.  Politicas showed up in force and four of us  spoke to the Board regarding early voting options to include expanding the hours and days of the week EV would be offered.  


Great news!  Democracy NC and the NAACP are spearheading efforts to engage over 3,000 churches and faith centers in a push for voter registration between now and February 19, the cutoff date for voter registration before the March 15 primary election.  Also of interest is that this progressive action will include attending 30 county board of elections meetings in an effort to drive acceptance of extended hours and weekend coverage of early voting.

As many of you are aware, there are four lawsuits — three in federal court and one in state court — that challenge all or parts of a 2013 election overhaul law approved by the General Assembly are pending. The three federal lawsuits have been combined into one case and are being heard together.  If you are interested in observing in the courtroom for these hearings, it is our understanding that you simply show up at the Federal Court House at 310 New Bern Avenue on December 16-18.

All seek to block a provision creating a photo identification mandate to vote in person in 2016. Legislators changed that provision this year to allow more people to vote without a qualifying identification. The federal lawsuits also challenge changes already being implemented that reduced the number of early voting days, barred same-day registration during the early-voting period and prohibited counting ballots cast on Election Day in the incorrect precinct.


The stampeded is on!  Filing for elected positions for the 2016 general election began December 1 and will run through December 21.  Prepare yourself for the onslaught of campaign materials and calls for funds. 


Immigration – “It looks like President Barack Obama may get a chance to defend his immigration policies in court before he leaves office. The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday granted a request from the federal government that essentially secures timely consideration of Obama’s executive actions on immigration — raising the likelihood that the justices will hear the case in the spring and decide it by the end of June, when their current term ends. Since the administration filed its appeal of the case to the Supreme Court in late November, Texas and U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli had been embroiled in a procedural tussle over timing. Texas, the lead plaintiff in 26 states’ suit against the executive actions Obama announced last year, had been seeking to delay consideration of the appeal, while Verrilli argued that a delay was unwarranted. Supreme Court clerk Scott Harris said Tuesday in a notice to lawyers for the parties that Texas would have until Dec. 29 to respond to the administration’s appeal. This effectively puts the dispute on track to be considered at the justices’ Jan. 15, 2016, conference.” Cristian Farias [HuffPost]

Global Warming – Thanks to a Politica for sharing this excellent, succinct column:  Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change.  I learned several new things and in terms I could understand and share with others. Especially like the call to action at the end of the article!  http://nyti.ms/1jq0n4v

Events & Trainings

President Clinton is coming to town next Monday. Who on earth doesn’t love hearing Bill Clinton speak?  Remember the speech at the DNC “it’s called arithmetic?” History making.  As many of you know, because this event involves a former President there is a required 48-hour vetting period for all guests. And so it is important to get the RSVPs in as soon as possible so you can attend the event without a hitch. 

The event will be held at the Sheraton Imperial at RTP (Durham) on December 7th at 6:30pm -8:30pm.  Tickets begin at $500 for an individual.   Please use this link to rsvp for the event…


Voter Registration for March 15 Primary ends February 19.  Now is the time to get trained and registering voters.  PoliticaNC & YouCanVote Voter Registration  – At present we have VR drives scheduled at Catholic Parish Outreach on 6 days of the first two weeks go December (1,3,5,7,9,11).  All trained volunteers and VR Politicas are welcome to sign up.  The RSVP is open at http://www.youcanvote.org/events.

Crucial Conversations     Wednesday, December 9 at noon

Immigrants in North Carolina: Where do things stand? Where do we go from here?  Featuring Patrick McHugh of the N.C. Budget & Tax Center and Raul Pinto of the N.C. Justice Center’s Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project

With 2016 election campaigns already well underway, immigrants and immigration policy are, for better or worse, front and center in the national and state political debates. Unfortunately, much of the discussion has more than to do with fear than truth. Given this backdrop, there is a greater need than ever for caring and thinking people to be armed with the facts.

Click here to register  Box lunches will be available at 11:45 a.m. / Center for Community Leadership Training Room at the Junior League of Raleigh Building, 711 Hillsborough St.

Save the Date       Sunday, January 24 2-4pm     2016 Politica Kickoff

This will be a high-energy gathering at which we discuss what the New Year holds for Politica and its activist members.  We have already secured a special guest to offer insights and vision.  Bring potential members and friends for a couple of hours of dynamic discussion and sisterhood.

Wake County is always in need of poll workers. It is a long day, but certainly worthwhile, plus you receive excellent training in the election day process. A number of Politicas who had never worked the polls before joining our sisterhood are now regular poll workers. If you are interested please complete an online application and let us know so we can recognize you! 



Education & Resources

We are fortunate to have a number of Politicas who Tweet on issues both political and not.  We reached out to them and asked them for some of their recommended sites.  Favorite Twitter sites include:

A Politica shared this post on her Facebook page.  A friend of a friend was wearing a Planned Parenthood pink shirt, yesterday and an older white man said, “The shooter should have taken more of you people out.” This happened in Raleigh and she was holding her 4 year old son.”  We admire Jennifer for showing her support for Planned Parenthood and for standing up to the haters.  Read more about this incident at:




We truly appreciate the 26 responses we received for the EOY Politica survey we sent out in mid-November.  That is a 40% response rate!!  Unheard of!!  We will be reviewing and sharing your input and our plans to best support your interests in early January.

This is our last weekly update for 2015.  We will restart the Politica Weekly Update the week of January 4. 

May peace, love, and joy surround you and your family this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Counting our blessings