The challenged redistricting here subverts political fairness and proportional representation and sublimates partisan gamesmanship.

Judge James Wynn, on the Wake County redistricting law.

Supreme Court ruling on abortion clinics in Texas (and beyond.) By a 5-3 majority, SCOTUS found that the Texas TRAP laws placed unreasonable burdens on access to abortion clinics by imposing a requirement for doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital and for each clinic to have facilities identical to those performing surgical procedures. Once again Ruth Bader-Ginsberg showed us why she is a champion for modern women and far from ready for retirement!

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled on the Wake County commissioner and school board redistricting saying it was unconstitutional. This leaves us uncertain about which maps will be used for the elections in November. The House Elections Committee is meeting today to review their options.

The State budget has been agreed at $22.34 billion with teachers and state employees receiving raises in their salaries. The legislature appears to have been seeking an average $50,000 salary for teachers. This deal does not recognise the value of experience since those with more than 30 years in the teaching profession will effectively not receive a raise.

There has been chatter around a possible change to HB2 but no sign of any substantive agreement. Keep following the news!

In local news, the Wake County Board of Elections selected their early voting sites for November as well as their hours. Because of the requirement to have the same number of hours as 2012 but with only 10, as opposed to 17, days of early voting there are more sites across the county. The board voted 2-1 rather than unanimously for these sites so we await confirmation from the state Board that the sites are agreed. Early voting sites are:

Wake County Board of Elections downtown
Abbots Creek Community Center
Apex Community Center
Avery St Recreation Center, Garner
Chavis Community Center
E Regional Center, Zebulon
Falcon Hut, Fuquay Varina
First Baptist, Morrisville
Green Road
Herbert C Young Center, Cary
Knightdale Recreation Center
Lake Lynn Community Center
NCSU Creative Services Building
New Bethel Baptist, Rolesville
Northern Regional, Wake Forest
Optimist Community Center
Triangle Christian Center
Wake Tech Main Campus
WE Hunt Recreation Center, Holly Springs
Wendell Community Center

NCSU was hard fought over and was clinched by selection of the Creative Services building where access is easier than the Talley student center.

Thanks to those who attended the Board of Elections meeting yesterday. There was a full house and all but one speaker supported more access and greater services for voters. It definitely seemed to make an impression on Ellis Boyle the second Republican on the board and secured the 2-1 vote for good locations and hours in November.

We also appreciate those who wrote to city council members regarding the proposed move by an anti-abortion group to a new location near the Preferred Women’s Health Clinic on Jones Franklin St.

Feeling frustrated with our democracy? Enjoy this short video from Third Rock from the Sun.

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