The fallout from HB2 continues as Governor McCrory refuses to take questions about his decision to sign the bill into law and more companies sign on to a letter demanding repeal of the law.

The Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC have assembled an unprecedented list of companies opposing the law. See here for the complete list.

Meanwhile supporters of the bill, represented by the NC Values Coalition, headed by Tami Fitzgerald, have put together their own list.  Few of these are household names however Ms Fitzgerald maintains that there are many others who have been bullied into not wanted their names shared.

I would posit that the bullying was done when this badly conceived and badly written bill was passed in 12 hours with no consultation.

Politics NC has some interesting analysis about why the legislation was passed at this time. Definitely worth reading to provide context to this decision.

What Can You Do?

Write to your state representative and state senator. It is not too late. Every email, note or voicemail is counted. Several Politicas have heard back from their representatives so we know they are paying attention. Go to the NCGA site and look up their contact information.



Why did the NC General Assembly pass HB2 over the objections of citizens and business leaders?

Because they can.

90% of lawmakers supporting the bill are either running uncontested in November or won their last election by a double digit margin due to gerrymandering!

Time for redistricting reform.


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Voter Registration

Usually at this point in the email we would include information about our voter registration drives and training opportunities. Because of the heightened awareness in election season and the non-partisan nature of our voter registration work, we will be sending separate emails about voter registration going forward.

We very much want every Politica to be trained to do voter registration. If you have not yet done so, please sign up for a training. They are listed on the You Can Vote website at 

Events can be found at There are many events listed for April and we will need many volunteers to make them a success.


April 5 at 6:30 p.m.  Junior League of Raleigh –  Women Leaders in Public Service Panel.  Julia Jones Daniels Center for Community Leadership 711 Hillsborough Street | Raleigh, N.C. 27603.  This event is free and open to the public.  Come hear four of Raleigh’s most influential women discuss the importance of women in public service. The esteemed panel will include:

  • The Honorable Cheri Beasley | Justice Beasley currently serves as an Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court
  • Congresswoman Renee Ellmers | Congresswoman Ellmers is currently the United States Representative for North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.
  • District Attorney Lorrin Freeman | Ms. Freeman is the district attorney for Wake County.
  • Clerk of Court Jennifer Knox | Ms. Knox is the Wake County Clerk of Superior Court.

April 7 from 7-8:30pm Global-to-Local:  Reflections on the 60th Session of the Commission on Status of Women sponsored by Women NC.  Freeman Center for Jewish Life, 1425 Faber St., Durham NC 27708  RSVP:

April 28  Politica Candidate Luncheon at 18 Seaboard
Email invitations have been sent via Paperless Post. Please check your spam if you haven’t seen it. This will be a fascinating insight into the new candidates in Wake County
  • Cynthia Ball, candidate House District 49,
  • Joe John, candidate House District 40,
  • Gale Adcock, incumbent and candidate, House District 41,
  • Susan Evans, candidate Senate District 17, and
  • Gil Johnson, candidate Senate 18.
  • AND hot off the press, Terence Everitt candidate in House District 35.


Crucial Conversation. Dana and I attended a timely and fascinating event with a panel headed by Mayor Jennifer Roberts of Charlotte. The Mayor explained how the local ordinance that gave rise to HB2 evolved over 12 months and extensive public consultation. It was about opportunity for all and in response the NCGA made a suffocating move against local governments. We heard from the ACLU attorney and from one of the plaintiffs in the case. This young man described the real hazards of living as a transgender citizen in North Carolina. It was a powerful window into bigotry and discrimination.

Annual Dues

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So many good items to choose from this week.

Thanks to Dana for this limerick from the Charlotte Observer:
Charlotte: the modern-day Sodom.

You lookin’ for perverts? They got ’em.

But in Raleigh, the right,

Like a gallant white knight,

Passed laws so they can’t see your bottom.

Read more here:

And for fans of Seth Meyers, here is his coverage of Georgia vs NC on the race to be the most discriminatory state in the South. 

Naomi and Dana

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