Yesterday’s Debacle in the NC General Assembly

At last night’s Dinner, Drinks & Discussion, much of our conversation was about the shameful shenanigans of our Republican lawmakers as they rammed through a bill that not only denies people basic human rights but also shreds the independence of municipalities and cities in their local policy-making.

Rob Schofield with NC Justice Center sums it up insightfully in his piece on today’s Progressive Pulse blog.  Entitled “ Two remarkable and disturbing truths about yesterday’s special discrimination session,” he notes two seminal truths about the forces behind the bill: 1) several lawmakers who voted for the bill did not support it and did not want to be in Raleigh at all, and were ashamed of the actions of their party; and 2) the confused bullies from laughably misnamed groups like the North Carolina Values Coalition and the North Carolina Family Policy Council do not acknowledge that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are human beings or that they even exist.

Many of our lawmakers (including a handful of Democrats who voted for the bill – shame on you!) are concerned not with the welfare of our state and its citizens but about their personal ambition and will vote as they are told rather than stand up for what they know to be moral and fair.  I have a difficult time even fathoming their stunted beliefs around sexuality and resent their power to impose them on the thinking, compassionate people of this State.
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Additionally Chris Fitzsimon dissects the various aspects of both the bill and the process used to get it approved in his Fitzsimon File article, The shameful legacy of the special legislative session.  Check it out at:


As we all know, an election is not really over until the provisional and absentee ballots have been counted.  We are thankful to have Carol Atwood, George Frink, and Siobhan Millan representing us at the Wake County Board of Elections as it canvases the over 8000 provisional ballots cast in the Primary Election.  Mark Ezell is the Democratic member of the WCBoE.  He has been a true asset to the people of Wake County.  He is an excellent listener, an innovative thinker, and a strong negotiator.  Thank him the next time you see him.  We’ll be sure to let you know what we learn from Carol, George, and Siobhan about the role provisional ballots played in Wake County for the Primary Election held March 15.

Voter Registration – Our Path to Victory

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March 26 — Voter registration training from 10am-noon. Training will be held at Advance Community Health, 1011 Rock Quarry Road. We would love to see you there. The training is dynamic with role-play and covers voter education as well as registration. To sign up please go to:

April 10 – Voter registration training from 11am-1pm
Beth Meyer Synagogue
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Catholic Parrish Outreach
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  • April 5 – 10am-noon
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Urban Ministries
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The Food Cupboard
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Alliance Medical Ministry
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  • April 9 – 9:30-11:30am

We have our first location for VR in Cary, Dorcas Ministries, thanks to Rose Hollinshead. Please keep thinking about good locations where you have contacts; churches, senior centers, health clinics, after school programs.

Sex, Bipartisanship, and Collaboration in the U.S. Congress
Are women in the Congress really more likely than their male counterparts to work together and get things done, regardless of party lines?  Or are they first and foremost partisan players?  Read this provocative research paper from Political Parity.
March 23   Dinner, Drinks & Discourse
We had a lovely evening at Travinia – great food, plentiful wine, and lively conversation.  Lynn Edmonds, Cosette Singh, Carol Atwood, and Manju Karkare – thank you for joining Naomi and me.  DD&D scheduled for May 18 in North Raleigh.

 April 28  Politica Candidate Luncheon at 18 Seaboard
Email invitations will be going out shortly so keep your eyes open.  We wanted to let you know which candidates have already confirmed their attendance:
  • Cynthia Ball, candidate House District 49,
  • Joe John, candidate House District 40,
  • Gale Adcock, incumbent and candidate, House District 41,
  • Susan Evans, candidate Senate District 17, and
  • Gil Johnson, candidate Senate 18.

Thank you to the 30 Politicas who have already paid their dues for 2016.  In 2016, for your $45 contribution you will receive:  a YouCanVote t-shirt, a VOTE cling for your car, and access to all our events. You can pay with cash or a credit card at upcoming events or mail in a check.  Let us know your t-shirt size too.
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Dana & Naomi
Fighting discrimination against our fellow North Carolinians

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