After tireless promotional efforts, we were thrilled to have a full house of over 100 attendees at this event!  Because we put our asks into the candidates over six weeks ago, we were able to secure a majority of them to for this event.  We had 15 candidates running in city council and the mayoral races join us to share – in two minutes – the reasons why we should vote for them.  The reasons they gave varied as did the humor and approach of each of the candidates to this public speaking opportunity.

We were particularly delighted that Charles Francis, candidate for mayor, was able to come and introduce himself to a broader audience as many in the crowd had not yet met him.

It was rewarding, too, to see candidates who attended this Politica event in 2015 as first time candidates – Dick and Corey (!), return as seasoned public servants. 

Finally, remember to visit The Mahler Gallery and thank Shawn Brewster and Rory Parnell for their generous contribution – use of their gorgeous gallery for our event.

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