Politica NC Objectives & Tactics for 2016

Because 2016 is an election year, we believe that success for progressive North Carolinians depends on higher turnout of Democratic & unaffiliated voters.  Our focus this year, through the beginning of October, will be on registering and informing voters.

Our second annual focus will be to inform Politicas about races, candidates and issues in order that they are confident and knowledgeable voters. We believe a focus on the state level is critical and that these races are under-represented in the political dialogue during a Presidential election year.  If, as a side effect of this,Politicas choose to volunteer for campaigns we would be delighted. We will be happy to connect Politicas with campaigns but we will not be coordinating groups for specific campaigns.

Voter Registration

We saw from Stephen’s numbers that voter registration is essential to a successful end result. We believe the work we are doing with You Can Vote is valuable because it both registers and educates everyone we encounter.
In keeping with our commitment to Voter Registration work, one of our objectives is for EVERY Politica to be trained in our VR system, the You Can Vote system, which has proved to be very effective.
In the course of our VR work, we will:

  • Educate everyone we meet about the new ID requirements.
  • Help everyone understand how to vote: EV, election day, ballot research.
  • Follow up with everyone we register to make sure they vote.
  • Be able to enumerate our success by, among other measures, registering 1000 new voters this year!!
We are using the YCV website to list all our VR drives. We have specific places where we know we will get good results, the demographics we want and the quantity to make the time worthwhile, and we have custom materials; t-shirts, cards, banners, etc.  We have already conducted seven training sessions and will offer more later in the year.


Manju, Voter Registration Crew Coordinator shared these impressive stats with us. Since mid-December we have trained 54 volunteers, held 35 VR drives, registered 342 voters, educated 982 citizens, and spent 152 hours so far doing Voter Registration!

Voting Confidence

Our second annual focus is to keep you informed about issues, events, campaigns and more.  We want every Politica to walk into the voting booth informed about every single race on the ballot, not just the Presidential or Gubernatorial.  To make this dream a reality, as in 2015, we will continue to use:

  • weekly emails,
  • events including two candidate forums and a member-only post-election celebration / date of first candidate forum is Thursday, April 28
  • LTEs,
  • FB page and
  • Discussion dinners to keep you all engaged.
  • An addition to that list we will be introducing our new website, a site that Susan Marshall has pretty much designed and developed single-handedly.  We have envisioned it to be a source on voting issues, providing resources for people to us to get information, and also as a humming center of progressive thought about women in politics

Your survey and our group discussion identified these as the most valuable services we can provide. And we want to keep you engaged and busy in a way that gives you the desire to do more!

So we’ve discussed our 2016 objectives and overarching focus – VR – but we do a bit of internal work to support all these efforts.  We have four crews to organize and execute what Politica does. They are:
Media led by Amy Womble and Susan Marshall – contributes commentary on state politics through LTEs, Twitter, Facebook, our website, and other communication streams.
Community (seeking a Crew Coordinator) – works to build an engaged community of Politica members
Events led by Donna Strickland – responsible for organizing and managing mix of curated events around education and social connection
Voter Registration led by Manju Karkare – responsible for registering people to vote & GOTV, primarily in Wake County

All of these crews are led by very busy women who will not waste your time and will facilitate your involvement to the level of your interest.   They don’t meet without purpose and much of the work is done by email.  Please support Politica NC (and keep Naomi & Dana sane) by signing up to work this year on one of these crews.

The other means of support for our work is money, money we use to host our website and purchase signage and materials among other resources.
We are asking you to make a donation of $45 to allow us to make the small purchases that keep us going. This covers the cost of a YCV t shirt, a VOTE cling for your car, and access to all our events. You can pay with credit card through PayPal at upcoming events, check, or cash.  Let us know your t-shirt size too.
Politica NC
P. O. Box 12796
Raleigh, NC 27605

In our next weekly email we will share details of how we used your money in 2015 and what we plan to do with this year’s dues.Finally we would like to thank our 2015 crew coordinators:

  • Lynn Edmonds on Media and esp Letters to the Editor.
  • Karen Green on Events
  • And Manju Karkare on Voter Registration
We’d also like to thank
  • Nancy Dilger for her hard work getting the CPO site up and running
  • Irene Kennedy for the valuable data entry work for the majority of our 342 voter registration forms.
We got great guidance from a handful of Politicas willing to give up their Saturday to talk shop.
  • Sherry Essig, Adrienne Lumpkin, Susan Marshall, Susan Marshall, Siobhan Millen, Susan Vebber, Pam Williams, Lynn Edmonds
Thanks also to today’s event crew:
  • Donna, Karen, Lisa, and Rose.

Special thanks to Sherry for opening her beautiful home and for her on-going support of Politica by managing our finances.

We truly appreciate your attention and interest and great questions.  We look forward to working with each of you to change our state politics our personal values.

Not able to follow all upcoming caucuses?  Check out this state-by-state guide of the Presidential caucuses.  http://www.theskimm.com/2016-election/calendarSaturday, February 13 – 10th Annual Moral March – HKonJ People’s Assembly
Gather and Rally at 8:30 a.m. The pre-rally will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the march will begin at 10:00 a.m. after which folks will begin the mass people’s assembly on the doorstep of the State Capitol.
Politica does not currently have a team attending the rally.  If you have interest and want to organize a group, please let us know.Friday & Saturday, February 12 & 13 – Run to Win!  A Two Day Lillian’s List Training for Progressive Pro-choice Women Candidates! $50 fee for training and 4 meals.
Contact Kim-Marie McLellan, Deputy Director of Lillian’s List, at (919)834-9008or via email: kim@lillianslist.org

Tuesday, February 16 Kick Ass Gathering – Dana’s home 7pm: Political Activism 101, with Naomi Lambert and Dana Jennings.  There are seven different topics with seven or more Kick Ass Ladies leading the discussions.  This is the link to the Eventbrite registration page for all the Kick Ass Dinners:

Timely Topics lunches sponsored by the Wake County League of Women Voters:
Friday, Feb. 24 – “Pathways to Third Grade Reading: The Importance of Early Childhood Experiences” at noon
Ridge Road Baptist Church, 2011 Ridge Rd., Raleigh
Free – bring a bag lunch

Enjoy Stephen Colbert’s take on the results of the Iowa caucuses.
http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/news/watch-stephen-colbert-savor-donald-trumps-iowa-caucus-defeat-20160203The standoff in Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff is over. Just how bored did the armed militants occupying the property’s gift shop/office building get? They posted a YouTube video with a bizarro challenge to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: Come to Oregon and battle him in 10 sumo rounds….In the three-minute video, Gneiting, dressed only in a sumo loincloth, calls Christie his “little brother” and slaps his bare, pink skin as a yellow ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag dances in the cold eastern Oregon wind.” [Oregon Live]

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