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We at PoliticaNC are excited you are interested in making a difference in the political process and welcome your support. There are multiple ways for you to volunteer which are highlighted on our Get Involved page. We encourage you to consider including financial support a part of your commitment to the organization.

PoliticaNC is a scrappy and nimble volunteer-only organization. Your membership dues allow us to engage in year-round activity for the state that includes training our member activists, organizing and offering events that allow for meaningful discussions with public officials, and the broadening of our reach through events, communications and activities.

With your financial support, we’ll be able to build on our momentum and continue on the path of progressive change in North Carolina.

For your generous support, you’ll receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Priority registration to our well-organized events.
  • The coveted groovy PoliticaNC t-shirt.
  • A personal invitation to our Rockin’ Member celebration.


Supporting PoliticaNC is a simple process.


STEP ONE: Choose from one of four levels of membership below and decide which of these amazing women you are most inspired by!

  • Level 1:     Elreta Alexander – $45
    • Elreta Alexander was the first N.C. District Court Judge who was a woman of color.
  • Level 2      Susie Sharp – $75
    • Susie Sharp was the first woman N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice.
  • Level 3       Sandra Day O’Connor – $100
    • Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
  • Level 4       Ruth Bader Ginsburg – $250
    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs no introduction as a national women’s rights superhero and U.S Supreme Court Justice.

STEP TWO: Once you have reviewed the levels of support, please select by choosing from the drop down menu. Then click on the PayPal button to complete the process


PoliticaNC Membership / Renewals


Thank you for your generous support! Your commitment is critical to helping us continue to move forward and bring real change to North Carolina!