The five additional early-voting sites throughout Raleigh for four days, and extension of the early-voting period for a week longer resulted in the highest early voting turnout in Raleigh/Cary municipal races in history.   Over 10,100 votes were cast in this election vs. 3,047 in 2015.

Among early voters in Wake County, 63.5 percent were registered Democrats, 11.4 percent were registered Republicans, and 24.9 percent were unaffiliated with any political party.

In terms of overall voting, we increased by 3.5%.  Total registered voters who voted in the 10.6.15 municipal elections equaled 11.34% according the Wake County BoE records – 374, 034 eligible voters/ 42,429 votes cast.  During this year’s election on 10.10.17 (election day and early voting) 14.84% of eligible voters voted – 411,786 eligible voters / 61,128 ballots cast.

Thank you for voting.  Thank you for urging your friends and family to vote.  Thank you for working on behalf of these candidates and with the Wake County BoE.  You made a difference!