The following statement comes from the League of Women Voters:

We have issued a press release stating our opposition to bringing back the requirement that voters show a photo ID before they can vote in any NC election. We have also produced a statement explaining how there is no evidence that Voter ID will prevent ineligible voters from voting. Both of these statements are on our website under theAdvocacy/Voting Rights. Here are the links for the press release ( and for the analysis of the NCSBE 2016 Audit (


The League of Women Voters has championed voting since our creation in 1920. Our core mission is to encourage voting and fight against any policy that could prevent or discourage eligible citizens from voting. In 2016 we were successful in having the Voter ID provisions of the 2013 Voter Information and Verification Act overturned by a federal appeals court. Unfortunately the US Supreme Court has upheld Voter ID provisions in several other states, encouraging the current NC Legislature to try again to impose this requirement on NC voters.


The voters will (likely) have the opportunity to prevent this from happening by voting against the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in November. Many league members would like to help create a campaign to educate the voters about the dangers associated with passing the amendment. The two documents we have on the website are just a start. There are many other issues we need to explore, present and get out to the public.

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