You may be aware that there is a bill expected to be voted on at the NCGA today starting a process to impeach Elaine Marshall. Elaine is an impressive advocate for women across the state. During her career as a public servant she has been tireless in support of issues important to our communities. She is also a wonderful role model for all of us as the first woman to be elected to a statewide office in NC.

We deplore this brazen and partisan action by Rep. Chris Millis. He has offered no evidence of wrongdoing by her department nor has he responded to her requests to amend the contradictory rules surrounding appointment of notaries which is the issue in question. Both the state auditor and the state Department of Justice have reviewed the rules applied in relation to appointment of notaries and have confirmed that they are being administered appropriately within federal guidelines.

For more explanation read Rob Schofields’ piece here and
The News and Observer report.

From this article it would seem that Millis has been given this bill as payback for his concealed handgun bill languishing in committee (in part thanks to our calls.) Whatever the reason we cannot let this action go unacknowledged.

We strongly urge you to do one or all of the following:

1.Call Elaine’s office and give her a personal message of support. Call919.814.5307 to speak to her personal administrative assistant, Jennell Baughman.

2.Call your legislators to urge them to speak out against this personal partisan attack. If speaking to your representative, mention that you will be watching to see how they voted. Tel nos. available at

3.Tweet or post in support of Elaine using the #IStandWithElaine

4.Write a letter to the editor using information from the article above or articles in the N&O about the groundless charge against her.

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