At our reception for Raleigh Municipal candidates, it was clear that not everyone understands how the Raleigh city council works.   In case you were unable to join us, here is some information you may find helpful about the election on October 10.    Early voting starts on September 21!

Among the hot topics being discussed during this election season are:

  • Growth and its impact on traffic in the city. Few people are aware that there will be a bond on the ballot looking to raise $206.7m for road improvements.
  • Affordable housing: For the young, lower wage workers and seniors this is likely to be of great interest.
  • Airbnb: Still no clear decision on whether to permit Airbnb and VRBO rentals in Raleigh.
  • Mayoral Challenge: The first serious mayoral challenge in several years. This is a race to watch.

Read more in this N and O article.

You will vote for one candidate for your district, two at-large candidates, and one candidate for mayor.  

Not sure what district you’re in?   Here’s the map  (you can get a larger one here) or enter your address at this page and look for “Ward”.

The candidates – I have provided links to websites, articles, or twitter accounts when I can find them  

For Mayor:

Nancy McFarlane (incumbent)

Charles Francis 

Paul Fitts


Running for At-large:
Shelia Alamin Khashoggi
Robert Axtell (could not find a site but here is an article about the new candidates)
Zainab Baloch
Stacy Miller
Russ Stephenson (incumbent)
Robert Ward

For District A:
Alexander Moore
Dickie Thompson (incumbent)

For District B:
David Cox

For District C:
Corey Branch (incumbent)
Crash Gregg
Olen Watson

For District D:
Kay Crowder (incumbent)
BJ Plott

For District E:
Stef Mendell



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