Our judicial candidate meet and greet at the Mahler Gallery the evening of Oct 8 was another hit!   Over 70 people came for the opportunity to talk with their potential judges and learn more about how the judicial system in NC works.    14 candidates and incumbents spoke, and even judges who weren’t running enjoyed the event.

Candidates attending were:

  • Judge Lucy Inman (incumbent –  Court of Appeals)
  • Judge John Arrowood (incumbent – Court of Appeals)
  • Toby Hampson, (running for Court of Appeals)
  • Allegra Collins (running for Court of Appeals)
  • Keith Gregory (incumbent – Superior Court)
  • Matt van Sickle (running Superior Court)
  • Ashleigh Dunston Parker (incumbent – District Court)
  • Anna Worley (incumbent – District Court)
  • Lori Christian (incumbent –  District Court)
  • Rebecca Edwards (running for District Court)
  • Nicolette Fulton (running for District Court)
  • Walter Rand (running for District Court)
  • Sam Hamadani (incumbent – District Court)
  • Lorrin Freeman (incumbent – District Attorney)
  • Blair Underwood (running for Clerk of Court)


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