Being a Politica

Want to be more involved? See more information about what we do. Should you have additional questions, please send us your contact details and we will provide you more specifics about our activities and volunteer needs.


Our activists receive quality training and resources to impact their communities to improve political discourse and ensure the accountability of our elected representatives.


We believe a focus on the state level is critical and that these races are under-represented in the political dialogue during Presidential election years. If, as a side effect of this, Politicas choose to volunteer for specific campaigns, we would be delighted. We will be happy to connect Politicas with campaigns but we will not be coordinating groups for specific campaigns.

We have multiple ways you can get involved with PoliticaNC and offer training and on-going support for your activities.

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper
  • Write an op-ed piece for your local paper
  • Assist with voter registration efforts
  • Help with website maintenance
  • Assist with Facebook and Twitter
  • Help with event logistics
  • Assist with membership support
  • Help out wherever you’re needed


We want Politicas to walk into the voting booth informed about every single race on the ballot, not just the Presidential or Gubernatorial.

Your county’s Board of Elections has the details on the following topics for your county. For Wake County:

Here are the links for several local county Boards of Elections:

Other resources

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