Get Involved

Build Bridges Not Walls

We hope you will join our community and encourage you to make the most of your opportunity through active involvement. You can achieve this in multiple ways.

Attend Our Events

Engage and learn with fellow Politicas by attending our many events offered throughout the year. This is great way to connect with fellow women activists in the community as well as gain insight and training to hone your advocacy skills and make informed decisions that impact our state. See our Events page for more information.

Support Us Financially

To ensure we are able to continue our momentum of the past few years, we encourage members to also provide support to us financially. See our Membership page for more information about how you can contribute in a way that is meaningful to you.


To become fully engaged with PoliticaNC, we recommend you volunteer within the organization. Your help as a volunteer ensures we can continue to grow and expand our outreach efforts in the state. Take a look at some examples below to see what fits best with your skills and interests.

Create relevant, dynamic content that informs and engages.

  • If you are someone who monitors breaking news, reads diverse news sources, and would enjoy sharing insights and information through social media, our newsletter or other written content, please let us know. We are always looking for individuals to share meaningful content to other Politicas through our communications channels.

Organize and implement robust educational programming and events.

  • PoliticaNC supports four to six major events annually, in addition to other planned social/networking events. We can always benefit from the support of members to help plan event content, arrange for insightful speakers, and coordinate logistics to ensure we continue to bring meaningful events to our members.

Enhance our member experience and engagement.

  • Our members are why we exist. We want to ensure we make all new members feel welcome, as well as consider the experiences and continued engagement of our tenured Politicas. Assistance with everything from organizing the annual member survey and planning member socials to simply being a greeter at events is appreciated.

Exercise Your Right to Vote

While this is something done outside of PoliticaNC, the most important action for all us is to be active participants in the democratic process and vote! First and foremost, our hope is that all Politicas walk into the voting booth informed about every single race on the ballot, not just the Presidential or Gubernatorial races. Moreover, taking the time to influence and encourage family, friends and others to exercise their own rights to vote ensures a healthy democracy.

Your county’s Board of Elections has the details on the following topics for your county, check out our Resources page for links to County Board of Elections and additional voter registration.