Do Endorsements Matter
Interesting article from Indy Week reviewing a Duke academic study about whether voters take note of endorsements by different groups when deciding how to vote, based on voter exit surveys in Durham. Thanks to Pat Butler for sharing.

We have several articles relating to the mpact of women deciding to run for office both nationally and internationally 
Should we be looking to Iceland as a model for electing women as a way of changing the political dialogue? Since the 1980s when they first elected a woman President, Iceland has been a great example of increasing gender equality as a result of women being present when policy is made.

How the election of President Trump has galvanized women across the country to run for office. 
Stephanie Schriock, the president of Emily’s List, the largest national organization devoted to electing female candidates, said that in the 10 months before the election in 2016, about 1,000 women contacted her organization about running for office or getting involved in other ways. Since the election, she said, the number has exploded to more than 22,000.

What Actually Happens When Women Run and Win?
A 2010 study conducted by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions discovered that the average minority female representative in Congress has “a 29 percent greater volume of sponsored legislation reaching the floor of the House and 30 percent more laws resulting from her sponsored legislation than does the typical minority party man.”

And When Women are in Powerful Positions….Janet Yellen has been one of the most successful Chairs of the Federal Reserve. Why is her tenure not being renewed?

ICYMI Time magazine as selected those who broke the silence on sexual harassment as their Person of the Year. This link will connect you to a powerful video with personal testimonies. Well worth watching.

Finally a couple of articles about our long-time concern, bridging the political divide in a highly contentious environment.
This first article is about the most diverse county in the US, Robeson County (who knew?), which after decades as a firmly Democrat area, voted for Trump in 2016. Why?

Can Marriage Counselling Techniques Help Us Reach Those With Whom Politically We Don’t Agree? The group Better Angels, with whom Politica Manju has worked, is using techniques developed by marriage counsellors to help Republicans and Democrats hold civil conversations.

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