Rally Opposing Proposed NC Constitutional Amendment Requiring Voter ID

June 12, 2018 @ 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Bicentennial Plaza
1 E Edenton St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Concerned Citizens Rally to Oppose Proposed Constitutional Amendment that Would Require Voter ID

This event will feature a wide range of speakers, including Gerald Givens, Jr. of the NAACP and Aylett Colston of Stronger NC, as well as students and others whose voting rights might be affected by a voter ID law.

WHAT: Right to Vote

WHO: Carolina Peace Center, Raleigh-Apex NAACP, Stronger NC, and Triangle Indivisible Daily Call to Action

Despite repeated court rulings that have deemed North Carolina’s voter ID bills to be unconstitutional, North Carolina Republicans have once again introduced legislation that would seek to force all North Carolina citizens to show a yet-to be determined form of photo ID when they vote in future elections.

In addition, the NCGA has forced through a bill that would gerrymander the judicial districts in Wake County and Mecklenburg County, the two largest counties in North Carolina. Because of the potential threat to Americans’ hard-won right to vote posed by this voter ID bill, a group of concerned citizens will rally in Bicentennial Mall on Tuesday, June 12, at 4:30 PM.

Unlike past legislation, however, House Bill 1092 would amend North Carolina’s constitution by putting “Voter ID” on the ballot in November as a referendum. The type of “Photo ID” that would be acceptable would be left to be determined by the NCGOP supermajority in the future – likely in a lame-duck special session in December.

Putting voter ID on the ballot would fulfill two goals. First, many Republican leaders believe that it would increase turnout for their base in the upcoming elections. Second, the bill would likely make it more difficult for women, students, the elderly, the poor, and especially people of color to vote in future elections because they lack the types of ID this General Assembly decides to sanction. It is well-documented that so-called “Voter ID” laws disproportionately affect racial minorities, women, young people, and the poor.

When the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit unanimously rejected North Carolina’s previous voter ID law in 2016, Judge Diana Gribbon Motz wrote in a scathing review that “the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision,” adding that the law would “impose cures for problems that did not exist.”

Crucially, House Bill 1092 leaves it up to the state legislature to determine what forms of photo identification will be deemed acceptable. In the past, the NCGOP deemed forms of identification such as college IDs to be unacceptable. These voter ID laws have also cost the state millions of dollars in expenses defending them in court.

The integrity of our elections is vitally important, and the appropriate way to address election integrity is to fully fund the upgrades to hardware and software requested by the State Board of Elections instead of wasting money defending unconstitutional laws in court.

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Contact: Gerald Givens, Jr., Raleigh-Apex NAACP, geraldgivensjr@gmail.com, 210-382-1469; Chuck Tryon, Admin Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action, chutry@msn.com, 910-391-5064; or Faisal Khan, director, Carolina Peace Center, carolinapeacecenter@gmail.com, 630-335-2846.