A recent article on Bloomberg Businessweek calls the North Carolina electoral system “the most chaotic in the U.S.”     Nice to know we’re number 1.

North Carolina Mismanaged Itself Into Electoral Chaos

NC House Representative Joe John summarized this quote from the plaintiff’s response at the Supreme Court’s refusal to decide the case expeditiously.

 The citizens of North Carolina have been forced to endure an egregious racial gerrymander for over six years and three election cycles . . . . It has now been almost a year-and-a-half since the district court held the legislative plans unconstitutional–a decision this Court [US Supreme Court] summarily affirmed. If the Court grants the stay, the voters of North Carolina will have to endure another election under unconstitutional legislative maps, and Applicants [legislative defendants] will be rewarded for their tactics of delay at nearly every stage of this case.

As – Put otherwise, “Enough has been enough long enough!”


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