There will be no delays in the court’s enforcement of its ruling striking down North Carolina’s photo identification requirement and other election restrictions, including reducing early in-person voting by seven days.

Governor, quit wasting taxpayers’ money by resisting this ruling!


  • Voter ID is gone.
  • The full three week early voting period has been restored.
  • Pre-registration for 16- and 17- year old is restored
  • Same day registration (register and vote at the same time during early voting) remains in effect.
  • Voting out of precinct (not at your assigned polling place) on Election Day will not deny you your right to cast your ballot.

A couple of small but important details which are not clear: there was no mention of the number of hours required for early voting only the number of weeks. It is still possible for anyone, regardless of precinct, to challenge any voter in the state. Democracy NC is looking for vote protection volunteers to address this. See below.

When we register folks, we also educate them. With this new ruling we have much new information to share. We have been hard at work in senior communities around Wake County and have many indoor events set up. Please check out for our events scheduled in Wake County. Check back regularly as new drives are being booked all the time.


Many of us are focused on turning Senate District 17, here in Wake, blue. And we have a strong progressive candidate in Susan Evans. With a background on the Wake County School Board, she is experienced and knowledgeable about the issues of education in particular. According to analyst John Wynne, “This is one of those districts where changing demographics could make things more favorable to Democratic candidates, and will be one of the most competitive races going into the November elections. This one gets a rating of Leans Republican because Barringer appears to be a well-liked incumbent and the challenger is somewhat controversial.” Let’s make sure we do what we can to make sure that the ballots cast lean progressive until we have a win!

We can all use good news on the election front. Well, it looks like we might see at least one seat gained for progressives. Senate District 50 comprises seven states in western North Carolina, west of Asheville. Jane Hipps ran and lost against Jim Davis in the last election cycle but it was a relatively close race for an area that seemed very conservative. The good news is that in filing their end of quarter finance reports with BoE Jane Hipps has $144,000 cash on hand and Davis a pitiful $8000. I don’t want to take anything for granted, especially in the era of “dark money” but it appears she has been working hard to gain the funds that will carry her to a victory.


Support Strong Early Voting Plans in YOUR County
(1) Sign-Up Here to be a local Board of Elections Watchdog and receive updates on upcoming meetings and decisions.
(2) Contact your local county Board of Elections to tell them you support a strong Early Voting plan.
Click here to see a list of counties we need you to contact (counties not listed have already submitted their plans).
(3) Get One-to-One Info on About Board of Elections Advocacy:

Contact for more info.

(4) Attend your local county Board of Elections Meeting.
Early Voting Advocacy Resources:

Take a look at the BOE Meeting Calendar below for upcoming meetings in your county.
Planning to attend a meeting? Check out our BOE Monitoring Guide.
After attending the meeting, please fill out the BOE Meeting Report form here and let us download a printable version of the form.

Upcoming county Board of Elections meetings in North Carolina:
(5) Always Call Ahead…and double-check times and dates before attending your County BOE meetings. The listings on this calendar are of regularly scheduled meetings. Please let us know at if you get any new information related to your County BOE’s meeting schedule.
Questions? For more information for how to advocate for better Early Voting Plans contact or call 888-OUR-VOTE.

A handful of Politicas were delighted to attend the fifth annual women’s conference at Bennett College in Greensboro last Saturday. How can it not be an energizing experience when you are in a room of 99 other feminists fighting for progressive change in NC? We knew we were headed in the “correct” direction when we passed the two large, electronic billboards owned by Replacements. All they said, in the largest type possible, was REPEAL HB2. Putting their month where their mouth is!

The day started out with remarks from Mandy Carter, Nobel Prize nominee and social activist. She spoke about many issues but ideas that grabbed us were her description of the value of “life artifacts” and her explanation of the power of one. Additionally she shared that “By 2050 a majority of the US will be people of color. Already majority women. The intersection is where the power is. We need to use it.
Constitutional amendments didn’t just happen. Every one took a fight. Think about voting rights.”

Ms. Carter’s presentation was followed by a panel discussion and afternoon workshops. We’ll bring you more about what we learned from the panel in next week’s weekly email.

Our afternoon workshop on social media was led by Jen Jones, Democracy NC communications manager. She blew us away. Not only is she hilarious, she is very tech/marketing savvy.That is why we have invited her to join us on August 31st!

Barack Obama Wrote An Essay About Feminism Every Man Needs To Read
In reflecting on why he wrote the essay on feminism, one commentator observed that “Yes, its important that their dad is a feminist because now that is what they will expect of all men.”
His essay concludes with this statement: “That’s what twenty-first century feminism is about: the idea that when everybody is equal, we are all more free.”

Women to Women Letter Writing

A project of NC Women Matter a coalition of women’s organizations from across NC, we will take time at our August gathering to share the “tool kit” for this project so you can be involved individually or perhaps with friends by hosting a “letter writing” party!

Don’t forget to get your ticket to see feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, speak at Meredith College on 7pm on September 24. When you buy her new book, My Life on the Road, you will get two admission tickets to the event. For full details go to:

And, of course, with a woman as the Democratic Presidential candidate, fashion must come into the equation. So why do we only call it a “pantsuit” when women wear a suit?

Samantha Bee, we love you!

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