PoliticaNC Social


As a statewide, nonpartisan organization, our mission is to inspire and embolden women to be independent, confident, informed activists and civic leaders, working for democracy in North Carolina.


Core Values

PoliticaNC believes that together we can bring about a better state where all North Carolinians are civically engaged.

We believe everyone in North Carolina is best served when we have:

  • A robust, functioning democracy.
  • A balance of power between government branches.
  • Our elected and appointed officials are as diverse as our population.

We also believe each individual has a right to:

  • Be heard.
  • Fair and equal access to justice.
  • Equal representation in government

Our Purpose


Education is the cornerstone of PoliticaNC. We recognize being informed is the critical first step to effective political engagement.

As a result, we focus on year-round education programming opportunities that allow our members to learn from our state’s elected officials and at all levels and disciplines of government. We also partner with other area organizations to widen our opportunities for learning and engagement among our members and others in the community.


PoliticaNC is focused on creating ongoing dialogue with elected officials and its members. We utilize opportunities to train our members how to interact with those in state, local and municipal politics in a way that offers the most impact. Our goal is to give our members the skills and confidence to build rapport across party lines and create an effective discourse with those who don’t always agree.

In addition, we create opportunities for regular dialogue and the sharing of information and ideas among our members through a variety of communications vehicles and methods.


Once our Politicas are informed and have the training to engage with elected officials, advocacy is a natural next step. We want members to have the tools to determine which issues resonate most with them on an individual level and become clear on their position of those issues.

PoliticaNC accomplishes this through its educational programs, as well as collaboration with other organizations and issues experts. The end goal is to teach Politicas how to effectively influence family and friends, as well as advocate with elected officials to ensure their voices are heard.


The truest form of engagement in the democratic process is voting. We aspire for members to vote with confidence based on a clear understanding of each candidate’s positioning of the issues and encourage others in the community to do the same.

Recognizing that engagement requires more than just exercising our right to vote on election day, PoliticaNC continues offering programs and insight year-round to allow members to stay informed and develop meaningful relationships with candidates in North Carolina. Continued efforts around encouraging voter registration and voter turnout are always a focus.