Further to last week’s report on the attempts to limit early voting, it became clear that across the state counties were going to try to limit the extra week of early voting to a single site. In many counties Boards of Elections were voting 2-1 on partisan lines in a way that has been rare in recent years. In response to the Wake majority plan, Mark Ezzell has submitted an alternative using county facilities where available for the first week.

This is Mark’s post.

“Early today, I filed an alternate Early Voting plan for Wake County with the State Board of Elections.

This alternate plan builds on the previous plan agreed to by all board members back in June, while expanding those same EV hours for the week of October 20-26th in the following locations:

– Lake Lynn Community Center (Raleigh)
– Herbert C Young Center (Cary)
– Chavis Community Center (Raleigh)
– Apex Community Center (Apex)
– Northern Regional Center (Wake Forest)
– Eastern Regional Center (Zebulon)
– W.E. Hunt Center (Holly Springs)
– Avery Street Recreation Center (Garner)

This plan has geographically dispersed (covers all parts of the county), politically diverse (some D sites; some R sites; some hard to tell); uses the same hours as planned for the 19 sites open Oct. 27th-Nov. 5th; and uses no new sites not previously chosen for Early Voting. In a word-fair.”

We applaud Mark for working to create a plan which is likely to give more access to voters across the county. It now rests with the State Board of Elections to make a decision on which plan to adopt.
More from Wake County

This week Caroline Sullivan, Wake County Commissioner, filed a legal suit stating that she had been unfairly excluded from running for her seat. She had filed to run under one of the new ‘super’ seats which were ruled unconstitutional. When the county board of elections reopened filing, they only did so for School Board seats. By late yesterday Judge James Dever had ruled against Ms Sullivan saying that it was too late to file to run. Was this the right decision?

Voter Registration

We have lots of non-partisan voter registration events coming up. Please check the You Can Vote website to see events already posted. We have been busy in senior communities, student events, non-profit events and more. Our dedicated team is doing a great job managing both the registrations and the processing of forms, delivery to the Board of Elections, making calls to recruit volunteers and keeping up with stocking our supply boxes. Please find a way to be involved. We know September is going to be a very busy month.

A friend recently recommended the Axe Files to me. These are interviews by David Axelrod with interesting figures (mainly political.) Check them out.

For fun, a clip from The Daily Show. Check for some irony.

This excellent article in the Wall Street Journal uses examples from North Carolina to illustrate the economic reasons behind the rise of Donald Trump.

Finally, our Governor, Mr McCrory is defending his record today at an event sponsored by the Triangle Business Journal. No surprises to hear that he maintains HB2 was the fault of some mystery left-wing group and that we didn’t want Paypal in NC anyway! Read here for more.

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