Politicas with Tom Ross

Politicas enjoying the company of Tom Ross when they attended the Wake County League of Women Voters’ lunch on non-partisan redistricting reform.


Important information on absentee ballots

We have heard a number of concerns about voting absentee and whether such ballots are counted in the main election day count or only in the event of a close race.

Today we confirmed with the Board of Elections that absentee ballots received by November 8th will counted with ballots voted on election day. So the results announced that evening will include all valid absentee ballots.

Please share this information with all voters.

News and articles

We received this report of the League redistricting event held last week.

“Several PoliticaNC members were delighted to attend former UNC President Tom Ross’s premiere presentation of a nonpartisan judicial panel’s independent congressional redistricting results. Hosted by the League of Women Voters at NCSU’s University Club, having competitive districts allows elected government officials to be held more accountable to their voters, Ross said. This is in contrast to gerrymandered districts, where legislators have intentionally drawn districts to benefit one party.

Ross asked local voters to contact Wake County commissioners to speak up in favor of the public hearings being considered regarding redistricting. Ross would like to take this message on the road across the state, hoping it would continue building momentum toward legislative action.
More information is available at endgerrymandering.org and in this press release and articles by WRAL and the Duke Chronicle.”

Latest Poll

Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign message that North Carolina’s economy is experiencing a comeback may not be resonating with voters, according to a WRAL News poll.

McCrory, a Republican, is running to keep his seat against Democrat Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general, and Libertarian Lon Cecil.

When asked if the state’s economy is stronger than it was four years ago when McCrory took office, only 25 percent said that it was, while 40 percent said the state’s economy is weaker. On a separate question, more than two-thirds of voters said their own economic well-being is either the same or worse than it was four years ago.

Read more at http://www.wral.com/only-quarter-of-voters-feeling-mccrory-s-carolina-comeback-/16082933/#Z6B3OSRzH1SIqeK3.99

Michelle’s visit

Democrats turned up the volume on their campaign in NC this week with First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to NC State this week. Those who were there report an energized crowd and a great speech. Please share any photos or anecdotes you may have if you attended the rally.

Let’s hope she energized those millenials to turn out and vote! Read more at this link.

The US from overseas:

I read this interesting article in the Financial Times last weekend. The UK press is fascinated by our presidential race and this article, guest written by the chairman of Slate, gives a flavor of what the business community is reading.




Lots of humor this week!

SNL on the Presidential debate.

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