If fighting for child care, paid leave and equal pay is playing the Woman Card, then deal me in.
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Politicas at the rally

While our focus is state politics we can’t ignore a highlight from this week, the rally in Raleigh for Hillary Clinton. As you can see from the photo  we had a vibrant group of Politicas who joined us there: Susan G, Amy W, Siobhan M, Manju, Dana and Naomi plus some who were with other groups. Hillary gave a powerful 50 minute speech heavily concentrating on the economy, jobs and creating better conditions for working families and women. She spent little time on her Republican opponent because she really has more important things to talk about. It was heartening to see a capacity crowd in the fairgrounds’ Exposition Center.

Nationally the Congressional sit-in over votes on gun legislation was huge news. It was good to see a bold move on this issue when so many in the country feel like Washington is tone deaf to their demands to take action on access to guns. Was it a stunt? Maybe but it certainly caught the GOP off guard and stimulated more conversation about what needs to be done. Is the Terror Watchlist a good starting point for limiting gun purchases? If not that list, is a semi-automatic assault weapons ban the answer? It was good to see GK Butterfield in there as well as Robin Kelly from Chicago who we count as one of our own. (Thanks Adrienne!)

This week also saw a hearing at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond on the NC voter law. The three judge panel hearing the arguments is the same one that was critical of the law last time it was in this court. With the tied Supreme Court, it is possible their ruling will hold this time around.

In state politics, as I type, there is a debate between AG Roy Cooper and Governor McCrory down in Charlotte. We will share any good information on the Facebook page.
General Assembly leaders seem determined to close out the session by the end of next week although that seems optimistic with committees still in session and no revised Senate budget for the House to consider.
Specific pieces of legislation include:
Some limited public access to body camera images from police cameras.
Democrats are trying to limit access to guns for those on the terror watch list. It seems doubtful this will go anywhere.
A bill requiring testing of water in schools to check for lead. Overdue and really important.
On the slate for today Asheville electoral districts, achievement school districts, Sanctuary cities and removal of funding amongst other pretty controversial content.

I can’t finish this section without a mention of Brexit, which as many of you know is close to my heart. Since 1973 the UK has been a member of the European community. For most people of my generation we grew up European as well as British. For the Leave vote to be victorious is shocking and very unsettling. It suggests a level of dissatisfaction with the political status quo which is echoed in our current US Presidential campaign. Do not be complacent. 28% of people did not vote in this life changing referendum and we now see the results. Please think about  the implications for November here in the US.


Two pieces for you this week.
A summary of the Crucial Conversation this week with NC Policy Watch. http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/2016/06/22/how-north-carolina-is-really-doing/

And a great article about the different approaches to use of political data by the two Presidential campaigns. Thanks Siobhan for sharing. https://newrepublic.com/article/134489/2016-will-proving-ground-political-data

No laughs this week but a really great short video which will make you think (and maybe make you cry.)


Naomi and Dana
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