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State news

Even with all the modern media at my fingertips I still love unwrapping the News and Observer in the morning because, who knows what might have happened the previous day?! Likewise when there is breaking news, Twitter is the place to be as snippets pop up with the latest opinion.

This week it was the Department of Justice weighing in on HB2 in a move that could cost the state billions in funding. Will the NCGA repeal HB2 to avoid these huge cuts impacting NC residents? House leader Moore and Senate leader Berger appear unperturbed by this turn of events (perhaps they had even anticipated it.) In response to a tweet by Colin Campbell “House Speaker Tim Moore says Monday DOJ deadline action on #HB2 unreasonable and won’t be met by #ncga,” Chris Fitzsimon of the NC Justice Center tweeted “Right. It’s not like the General Assembly can act on legislation and have the governor sign it in a day.” He nailed it!

Here is the News and Observer’s view on the current status of HB2.

It looks like this issue is sure to be used by both sides in NC for campaign material. You can also be sure it will cost us plenty in legal fees.

Meanwhile in the short session a bill amending IRS rules to tax short sales has passed out of the House and is headed for the Senate. Many believe this will unfairly burden those already suffering from the losses associated with a forced property sale.

A creative idea for use of the $39m lottery bonus has been nixed. Democrats proposed to use it to fund optional $10,000 student debt forgiveness per person for teachers. In return they would commit to teach for another 4 years. Are we surprised this isn’t a priority for Republican legislators?

Finally this week saw more coverage of the public records request case. Do we, the public, have a right to timely and low cost access to records from the Governor and other legislators? Judge Craig was especially critical of the Governor’s office for attempting to politicize a question which relates more to freedom of information than political point scoring.

On The National Stage:

So it seems the final GOP primaries are merely part of Trump’s march to the nomination. Who among us would have thought this was possible? In case the man alone is not enough to scare you, here are some possible running mates for Donald Trump. Newsweek gives a good run down of the options with a couple of surprises in there.

More thinking about how Voter ID laws lead to Voter Suppression. This piece from the New York Times is heavy on numbers but makes a clear case for how requirements for IDs reduce the number of people voting.

This week, NC Women United, of which we are a member organization, announced the findings of its 2016 Report Card on the NCGA. You won’t be surprised to hear it is a report you wouldn’t have wanted your kids to receive! Here is a report from WRAL about the announcement and how the report card reflects on attitudes towards women amongst the governing party.

Here is a link to the Report itself. Makes for sobering reading.

In related news, current head of NCWU and Politica NC member, Tara Romano has been appointed as Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice NC. We are delighted for her and thrilled that her strong voice will be representing those of us who believe in the pro-choice agenda, Good luck and know you have our support, Tara.

How are we spending your money?

We have acquired a projector with 2016 dues to enhance our ability to do high quality presentations and offer our trainings in any location regardless of equipment availability. Those of you who have attended a Voter Registration training know how important it is to have the visual impact of the Powerpoint to support all the information we are sharing. Thank you for investing your money to help us make this big advance in our professionalism.

This article came from the Guardian and talks about the decline of voting in the UK. If you’re interested in voting issues more broadly you may enjoy this quite outspoken article by Polly Toynbee, a well-known UK columnist.

We are pleased to share Duane Hall’s regular update on his work in the NC General Assembly. It’s great to see our legislators keeping their constituents (and beyond) engaged.

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In case you missed it, here is President Obama’s speech from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner earlier this week. It’s long but fun.

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