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PoliticaNC is a community of independent women activists engaged in year-round voter education and advocacy.   We partner within NC to increase voter engagement and turnout.   Our activists receive quality training and resources to impact their communities to improve political discourse and ensure the accountability of our elected representatives.

We are excited that you are interested in making a difference in the political process and we welcome your support.    We have multiple ways you can get involved with PoliticaNC.    Our current 2016 grassroots volunteer efforts are to register voters and get out the vote.   We want to help make your political volunteering efforts as effective and enjoyable as possible!


Our Impact

# of voters educated in 2016

# of candidate event

# of LTEs published


Join Our Community

When you join, we ask yo uto select an area or activity that best suits your strengths or interests.   The time commitment varies month-to-month, depending on what you volunteer to do.  Typically it is no more than 4 hours a month.  Our activities include:

  • Visiting state legislators
  • Attending Board of Elections meetings
  • Attending legislative sessions
  • Serving as a liaison within the progressive community
  • Working as a paid poll worker
  • Writing a letter to the editor
  • Writing an op-ed piece
  • Assisting with voter registration efforts
  • Posting on Facebook and Twitter
  • Helping with website maintenance
  • Assisting with membership support
  • Helping with logistics of events


Additionally, we ask that you make a donation of $45 to allow us to make the small purchases that keep us going.   This covers the cost of a YCV T-shirt used for voter registration, a VOTE cling for your car, and access to all our events.   You can pay with cash or credit card through PayPal at any of our events or by check through the mail.


PO Box 12796

Raleigh, NC 27605

Register Voters / Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

In the course of our voter registration work we will:

  • Educate everyone we meet about the new ID requirements
  • Help everyone understand how to vote:   early voting, election day voting, ballot research
  • Follow up with the people we register to make sur ethey vote
  • Our goal for this year is to register 2000 new voters!

We work with You Can Vote (can we have a link to them?)

Information about training events for voter registration

Educate and Engage 

  • Political events
  • Educational events


Leverage Resources