Join a Crew


Community Crew 

  • Works mostly behind the scenes to welcome & orient & engage new members.

Not surprisingly, we have attracted about thirty new members in the last three months.

This crew would be responsible for responding to inquires regarding becoming a Politica, welcoming new members, asking them for a donation and getting their t-shirt to them, making sure new Politicas are greeted and welcomed throughout their first several months with us.

This crew would also work with existing Politicas on one project:

Creating a map of Politicas in Wake County to help with locating meetings, carpooling, and other things;

This crew has an ongoing low activity schedule round with special projects as workable


Judicial Crew

  • Develops strategy to educate Political about all issues judicial.
  • Designs/delivers training to voters.
  • Evaluates reform options.
  • Collaborates with other organizations.
  • Meets monthly.

Politicizing judicial races as we have seen happening in NC (from GA & big money interests) is bad because it interferes with the courts’ role as a neutral check & balance on the 2 overtly political branches of government.  We need to de-politicize the courts/judicial selection- but what are the best or most achievable ways to do this?

First, we need to educate ourselves about the role of judges & the current state of judicial elections

Being knowledgeable will help us evaluate reform options, communicate with other groups working on these issues, and offer outreach/education opportunities to voters

From, there, we can evaluate next steps/possible partnerships/etc.


Media Crew

  • Presents Politica to the world through an authentic voice, representative of our culture and values
  • Coordinates all aspects of social media including website, Facebook, and Twitter presence


Political Engagement Crew

To hold our elected officials accountable, we have to know what they are doing.

  • Conducts candidate forums
  • Prepares Action Alerts
  • Regularly visits the General Assembly to observe and build relationships with legislators
  • Mostly active while General Assembly is in session

Based on your feedback, we see accomplishing this political engagement in three ways:  action alerts, regular visits to the GA to observe and cultivate relationships – what we could call a “soft” observer group, and working with the programming crew by securing qualified moderators and thoughtful questions for our candidate forums.

How many of you get the national action alerts telling you one action to take each day and giving you all the contact information you need to do so?  We certainly do not have the resources to accomplish that.  If we had a cadre of 3-5 Politicas who would each cover a separate issue or two, they could keep us alerted as damaging or inappropriate legislation is coming down the pike.

The “soft” observer group is another new approach for us.  We have several ideas but want to meet with the folks interested in spending time at the GA to see what a workable design for this work may be.

This crew is most active while the General Assembly is in session though Action Alerts may evolve into year round engagement.


Programming Crew

We are expanding our programs to include more training to complement the candidate forums and receptions we have consistently offered

These programs reflect what we heard from you at the Dialogue, a combination of social and educational events with a purpose

The crew will manage the events.  We have a list of potential meeting places and a checklist for organizing and executing these types of events.  It is pretty straightforward.

This crew will be active all year in a predictable way


Voter Education Crew


  • Researches how best to increase voter participation.
  • Shares analysis

Some of this work will be done in conjunction with You Can Vote, the nonpartisan group we very successfully partnered with in 2016.

That said, you all expressed particular interest in reaching out to students – those in high school, college, and HBC, historically black colleges.  Naomi has already made some contacts and is ready to share a vision of the project for you all to pick up and make your own.

This crew is busiest during election season though this work is done week in and week out.


Voter Registration Crew

Partnering with You Can Vote, we:

  • Train volunteers
  • Staff voter registration drives
  • Conduct effective GOTV (Get Out The Vote) work

We will again partner with You Can Vote and act as their partner for most if not all of their VR activities in Wake County.

Your expressed interest in students extended beyond education to include registration.  Designing ways to make an impact in those communities is something this crew can design and execute.

This is an off election year with only municipal and county offices being up for grabs.  Special projects can be run year round with VR work constant but at high volume from August through October.