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Feeding your Politica brain

As always we like to share some of the articles that have come across our screens in the last week. Here are four we found particularly interesting. The Atlantic. Founder of Verified Voting explains why paper ballots are the only way to prevent fraud. News and Observer: The shame of our judicial system which condemns the poor to extended poverty. NC Policy Watch. An update on interference in judicial elections by the legislature. The Cato Institute: Some fascinating insights into the complexity of defining hate speech and what First Amendment rights mean to different societal groups.   A Little Humor to Close Seth Meyers on the election results, always adorable....

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With the appalling massacre at Sutherland Springs coming so soon after the attack in Las Vegas, thoughtful people are once again scrambling to understand how Congress is unable to take action to control gun ownership. How do we break the NRA control over Republican legislators? Here are some suggestions: A. Inform yourself. Watch this four minute video from PBS Newshour. B. Understand where we stand internationally. For me the most notable quote in this article is ‘American crime is simply more lethal. A New Yorker is just as likely to be robbed as a Londoner, for instance, but the New Yorker is 54 times more likely to be killed in the process.’ C. Understand where we stand in NC vs other states. Take Action: * is the new name for Gabby Giffords’ organization (formerly Americans for Responsible Solutions.) They are working hard to bring about gun control. * The Brady Campaign works at the state and national level to achieve greater gun control. * Moms Demand Action (part of Everytown for Gun Safety.) A grassroots campaign with a very active group in NC and the Triangle. They are seeking common sense gun reforms. All of these groups are seeing a surge in interest after recent and more frequent atrocities. Is this your cause? You could make the difference with your new energy. Help make our state a safer place to...

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