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Organizing committee

Remember doing this in January? Many of us marched in Raleigh but we know that other Politicas were in Washington DC and beyond. Planning is underway for another gathering, probably in January. It’s more likely to be a rally than a march since that allows for more advance planning. Can you help? The organizing team is now meeting regularly at 7pm on Monday evenings at Pullen Baptist Church. They need people to help with every aspect of organization and many tasks can be done from home or on a cell phone. Please either show up on Monday evenings or let Naomi...

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You’ve got to see these!

GOP Morality and Political Loyalty : US Trump Investigation Democrats : Is the Harasser a Republican or a Democrat? : Seth asks the most insightful questions! White House ‘Reveals’ Melania Trump’s Dream Job To Seth Meyers “Late Night” host Seth Meyers asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders some probing questions in his news conference spoof on...

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