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Volunteer at a PoliticaNC event

We have been very ambitious in 2017, scheduling a Politica event every month. These have ranged from Legislative Luncheons to small group documentary viewings to our recent candidate forum which attracted over 100 guests. Our goals in doing so were to more fully engage Politicas by creating more opportunities for them to share with one another, to offer educational events to keep us all better informed, and to heighten the public’s awareness of our work. Those goals are also underpinned by all our other work. None of this is possible without you. We have a vibrant new website, a burgeoning social media presence, and member welcome and support services. We have a crew for the planning and peopling of all our programs as well as one working on educating us about voter engagement avenues and voter registration options. New this year is a crew focused on providing instruction and education regarding our court system in NC. And, of course, finance and administrative activities to support all this work. Politicas are busy women at all stages of life. We work to provide substantial, meaningful curated opportunities for your contributions. Our engagement mantra has always been “do what you can, when you can.” Do you have time or energy to contribute on social media, working events, or registering voters? Now’s a good...

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Early voting starts in the Raleigh Municipal Election!

In 2015, only 12.5% of eligible voters in Wake County voted in the municipal and mayoral elections.  Is that democracy? Commit to voting early (details here)  and call ten friends and ask them to vote early and ask them to ask ten of their friends to do the same.  Early voting starts September 21!   For more information see our post on the city council and the candidates here.  ...

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