PoliticaNC is a community of independent women activists engaged in year-round voter education and advocacy.  Primarily based in Wake County, we partner with other groups within NC to increase voter engagement and turnout.  By accessing excellent training and quality  resources, our activists  impact their communities to improve political discourse and ensure the accountability of our elected representatives. We do this through educational events, weekly updates by email, voter registration drives and sharing of training and community events.

PoliticaNC grew out of a series of Women for Obama house parties organized by Naomi Lambert and Dana Jennings. The original core of our membership was the women who attended and hosted those events in Wake County in 2012. Since then, Politica has grown organically, adding new members by word-of-mouth and through our outreach work to educate and empower voters. Those ongoing efforts  have been: registering voters, helping our members find meaningful work on campaigns, hosting events, attending gatherings of importance including Moral Mondays and other gatherings, and  collaborating with likeminded groups in North Carolina. In 2015 our focus was on learning how to better use social media and conventional media to share our message. In 2016, our work will include a big push for voter registration and education around the new rules on voting.